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      About Us

      ABOUT US

      Fujian Yida Food Co., Ltd. (who once was Fuzhou Yida limited), founded in 2003, is a private food enterprise running from food processing, producing, selling to exporting businesses. The company has developed product series of jellyfish, trepang, abalone, kelp and seasoned fish etc.
          The company is devoted to develop "Liandeli", "Mingui" and "Haizhifu" and other product series by centering jellyfish. By strictly following "quality comes first", each step including material selection, processing and producing follows QS industrial standard. Moreover, safety management system of food quality based on HACCP is established to regulate processing according to exporting quality management requirement to produce healthful, safe and high quality food to satisfy our customers.
          After over 10 years development and broader running scale, the company has invested tens of millions to built standard modern factory in Lianjiang Economic Developing Zone, whose total area covers 30 acres and more than ten thousand square meters floor area including refrigeratory and processing workshop. Advanced producing equipment are introduced by the company to apply scientific producing process. High-end processing line based on trepang and abalone was established and great breakthrough and market efficiency was realized.
          By taking geographical advantage, the company developed several aquaculture bases by cooperating with strategic partners in many national areas, such as provincial shallow sea farms in Lianjiang and Fuqing etc, and domestic aquaculture bases in Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu and Hainan and other provinces, as well as material production bases of agricultural and sideline products by cooperating with local farmers in western and northern Fujian, along with advanced fresh-care equipment to guarantee good product quality. For many years, by sticking the principle of "follow standard to guarantee quality", service notion of "sincere comes first to satisfy customer" and managing idea of "people comes first", Fujian Yida Food Limited is confident and capable to go further in food area.